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Welcome to Refereeing for Lazers Soccer Club. Here is all the information you will need to become a certified referee and begin making money working at Glenloch, Handley and PAC. 

Grassroots Class Interest List
Add your name to the list for a Grassroots New Referee class at PAC. Once enough prospects are willing, we will request a class asap.

Certification Information
Instructions for New Referees: 

Recertification Information: 

Other Important Information:  

Once you are Certified
- Contact Assignor Ken Wilcox here.

- Visit or to purchase your starter kit. You should purchase a secondary Green jersey as you will progress to refereeing AFC Lightning games. 

-Set-up a Game Officials account at and connect with Lazers. Our Group/Assignor Number is 1245 and Our Group Access code is ptclazers. All game assignments will be done through Game Officials.

-Game Assignment begins 14 days prior to the match. Your availability is due a minimum of 7 days prior. Games schedules may change prior to Monday Midnight. 

Additional Information
Join the groupme announcement channel for faster access to game and position openings, announcements, and more:

W9 Information
You will need to submit a W9 in order to be paid through GO Pay. It is the only method of payment used for regular season Lazers games. 

Link for a copy of the W9 Form : Click Here

You can email your W9 to our Business Manager Julie Willis at

You will leave blank the following block:  "Business name", "Exemptions", "Accounts", and "Employee Identification Number".  You are an "individual/sole proprietor". Don't forget to sign and date at the bottom of page 1.

Position Changes/Reports
If you make a change, pick up a position, swap a position, etc., please use this form to record the change:

If you have any questions, contact Ken Wilcox at