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Lazers Covid-19 Guidelines

  1. 8U-19U Training: No parents or guardians.  Drop-off and pick up only.  Parents with masks can walk their players to the entrance and drop off with their coach then return to the parking lot until time for pickup.  Parents will need to stay off of the fields. 

  2. 8U-19U Games: One parent/guardian, with required mask, per player.  Parents must sit at least 6 feet apart and at least 10 feet off the sideline.  More time will be placed between games to help players and parents clear the fields and minimize traffic.

  3. 4U-6U Training and Games: One parent/guardian, with required mask, per player.  Parents must sit at least 6 feet apart and at least 10 feet off the sideline.  More time will be placed between games to help players and parents to clear the fields and minimize traffic.

  4. Players and parents are to clear the field quickly so as to minimize contact with the next group of players coming on the field.

  5. Players should not come out of their car until 10 minutes before training so as the previous groups can clear the field.

  6. Please use the restroom before players come to training.   Restrooms are now opened, but they can be a hot spot for spreading the virus.

  7. We will be taking players' temperatures with a digital forehead thermometer when they arrive.

  8. Any player that has a temperature over 100.4 degrees will be prohibited from attending training.  That player will not be allowed to return to training for a period of 14 days or until a note from a doctor explaining the high temperature or a negative Covid test.

  9. Each coach’s temperature will be taken every day. 

  10. Any player, coach, or assistant coach who is sick, has a persistent cough, or is displaying any symptoms suggesting that the individual may be ill, (from any contagious malady, including cold, flu, or suspected corona virus) will be prohibited from attending training. 

  11. We aim to minimize physical touching between players and coaches.  Coaches shall ensure that all players and coaches avoid “high fives,” handshakes, or other types of physical touching. We understand that this may be difficult as players enjoy celebrating with their teammates, but we need to be diligent at enforcing this protocol for health and safety of our players and their families.

  12. Coaches are going to do their best to avoid large gatherings or lines of players.  Coaches will be altering their training methods to incorporate appropriate social distancing (maintaining 6’ distancing between players when providing instruction, etc.). 

  13. The handling of all training items, (i.e., cones, flags, goals etc.) should be limited to coaches and assistant coaches.

  14. There will be no sharing of water.  No exceptions.

  15. Players should try not to carpool if at all possible.

  16. Parents are asked to notify their coach immediately if their child becomes ill for any reason.

  17. Players should wash their clothes as soon as possible after each practice.