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Adult Covid Guidelines

1.  No spectators behind the goals or on the players' sideline. Any spectators behind the goals or on the players' sideline will result in a forfeit.

2.  Players should not come out of their car until 15 minutes before their game, so the previous groups can clear the field.

3.  Please use the restroom before arriving at the facility.   Restrooms are now opened, but they can be a hot spot for spreading the virus. 

4.  Any player who is sick, has a persistent cough, or is displaying any symptoms suggesting that the individual may be ill, (from any contagious malady, including cold, flu, or suspected corona virus) will be prohibited from attending. 

5.  Players are to clear the field quickly so as to minimize contact with the next group of players coming on the field.

6.  Players should wash their clothes as soon as possible after each game.