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Adult League Rules

All games shall be played in accordance with the FIFA Laws except as specifically superseded by these rules.

Minimum Number of Players on Roster – 10
Maximum Number of Players on Roster – 14
A Maximum of 3 Replacements during the course of the season.  Roster Freeze as of the 7th game.

Roster may consist of only 1 player under the age of 35 per team.  Underage player must turn 23-35 by 12/31 this year.

Each team must provide a 7v7 Adult League certified roster with First and Last Names and Jersey numbers to the center referee prior to the game.  Click here for the game day form.

Number of Players on the Field – 7
Minimum Number of Players on Field - 5

Length of Half – 30 Minutes
Halftime – 5 Minutes

All goals count as 1.

Win: 3 Points
Tie: 1 Point
Loss: 0 Points
Forfeit Loss: -2 Points

There is NO SLIDE TACKLING. (this is any player)
There is NO SLIDING unless you are a keeper making a play in his or her penalty area.
RESULT: Direct free kick from the spot of the infraction.


  • Goalkeepers will not make any punts or drop kicks.  RESULT: Indirect free kick from the spot of the infraction.
  • Goalkeepers cannot play any ball over the midfield line, when within the penalty area, without touching a player or the ground first.  RESULT: Indirect free kick at midfield, where the ball crossed the midfield line, for the opposing team.
  • No goal kick can cross over the midfield line without touching a player or the ground first. RESULT: Indirect free kick at midfield, where the ball crossed the midfield line, for the opposing team.
  • All goal kicks and subsequent touches must clear the penalty area and be touched once outside of the penalty area before crossing the midfield line.  RESULT: Indirect free kick at midfield, where the ball crossed the midfield line, for the opposing team.

Unlimited substitutions may be made, with the referee’s consent, on any stoppage of play.


If a player receives a caution, they are subject to a 5-minute cooling off period and can only return to the field at the referees confirmation of this time period elapsing.

Once a player receives four yellow cards, the player automatically receives a one game suspension.

Players who receive a straight red card are automatically suspended from their team’s next game.  A player who receives two yellow cards in the same game will be dismissed for the team’s next game.

Players sent off for fighting will face a suspension at a length determined by the discipline committee.

Note that the order of the tie breaking rules is important. If the first rule can determine a winner, then the process is over.  If the first fails, then the second is used and so on until a winner is determined. 

  1. Results of head to head competition within the group (if only two teams are involved).
  2. Greater Goal Difference, with a maximum of +4 and a minimum of -4 for any one game.
  3. Least number of goals allowed.
  4. Penalty Shootout prior to next round’s game.

This procedure is used only for the playoffs. If a playoff match ends in a tie, the teams will be given a five-minute intermission.

  1. Game will continue with two full five-minute overtime periods (i.e. no Golden Goal).
  2. After the first five-minute overtime period, teams will switch ends of the field and kick-off after a one-minute break. Substitutions may be made.
  3. If the game is still tied after two overtime periods are completed, the FIFA penalty kick procedure will be used to determine a winner.


In general, Law IV of FIFA laws applies.

  1. No metal spikes.
  2. Home team will wear the black Lazers jerseys and black socks and the Away team will wear the white Lazers jerseys and white socks.
  3. Players must wear the same jersey number the entire season.  
  4. All players must have unique numbers on their teams.
  5. Goalkeeper’s shirt shall be easily distinguishable from all other players and referee(s).
  6. No plastic or metal jewelry of any kind (excluding protective eyeglasses) may be worn.
  7. Shin guards are required for all players.
  8. Players wearing casts will not be allowed to play.
  • Must be in a Peachtree City Lazers jersey or no play.  Black jerseys and socks for home, White jerseys and socks for away.
  • RESULT: If a player participates without a Lazers jersey, the team will lose the game and receive a 2 point deduction from the standings.


  1. All judgment decisions of the referee are final and binding.
  2. The League Director reserves the right to decide on all matters pertaining to the league and its judgment is final.


No protests are allowed.

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